We help pilates studios with their websites every day.

With 7 different customizable widgets connected to MINDBODY, each widget can be embedded onto your website and/or Facebook page. Once installed, each widget goes to work for you immediately by communicating with your MINDBODY account to ensure the information it displays is up to date. You can also make multiples of all widgets to configure them for different purposes.


Integrating the schedule widget lets your clients easy see your schedule, sign up for a class, and pay online without ever leaving your website.
If you offer workshops or courses this widget allows your clients to enroll and pay on the spot.
An easy-to-use date picker can be customized to fit your brand and support new client sign-ups.
Integrated Buy Now buttons and links provide your clients with the ability to buy class passess and packages you have setup in MindBody.
Say goodbye to hard to manage paper based forms and documents.
“Login | Register” Links provide your clients with the ability to log in and see their MINDBODY account information. They can view their schedules, update their credit cards, and more – all without leaving your website.
“Buy Now” Links provide your clients with the ability to purchase things like class passes and other pricing options you have setup in MINDBODY.
“Cart” Links provide your clients with the ability to view their cart and any items that are in it like class passes or other pricing options setup in your MINDBODY account.


We make it easy to get a professionally designed website that will help you acquire new customers and increase your studio revenue.

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