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The word Pilates won’t sell your Pilates classes

We get a lot of questions from pilates studio owners each month and many of them have the same challenge. Invariably they ask us - how do I get more people to sign up for my pilates classes from my website?

One of the biggest mistakes we see Pilates studio owners make is they have the wrong expectations. We’ve seen so many pilates websites focus on the story of Pilates or what lineage/method they teach.

That does not make you unique! It just confuses the potential client even more. Now you are requiring them to educate themselves about all the different Pilates methods before you even get them in the door when really all they want to do is move their body to stay healthy and fit.

What should you do instead!

Your content must immediately communicate what makes your studio unique, what type of experience a new client can expect, what your team does, and the benefits they will receive.

You need to give them a reason to get started and sign up!

Here are some good examples.

“Articulate Bodies offers a safe, positive, precise, and challenging environment where clients can expect personal attention to their wellness goals with a high level of movement practice to use in their daily life.”

“At Body Harmonics Pilates, movement and health, we help you move well, teach well and be well. Experience the miracle of movement with us!”

“Looking for an exhilarating new experience? Have fun and feel great with Aerial Yoga and Reformer Pilates. Our crew of welcoming flight instructors promise to take your practice to new heights. Play, sweat and raise your vibration by joining our Fly family today. Fly With Us!”

This type of copy gets a potential client’s attention! It immediately stimulates their interest and creates a picture in their mind of what they will experience and how it will benefit them!

You have to know who your target audience is – you need to speak to them, engage them and focus your content on communicating how pilates will specifically benefit their body. You need to create a picture in their mind of how they will feel after taking a pilates class.

Your content should be completely different if your target audience is 25-40 year old clients who are interested in an active sports lifestyle versus 65-75 year old people who want to maintain their flexibility and prevent injuries so they can enjoy their retirement years. They have different priorities, different wants, different needs, and want different results!

You can’t market to everyone! If you try to appeal to everyone then you won’t engage anyone!

You need to create and use powerful “calls-to-action” on your website to encourage potential customers to get started and sign up for your pilates classes. Thousands of people each day are searching for pilates classes in the city where they live. Make sure you create a vibrant picture of how they will feel better by taking a pilates class with you.

How many new clients did your pilates studio website bring you today?
Are you a pilates studio owner who wants to get better clients and results from your website?